Koi Pond Live Wallpaper

For people looking to improve their fengshui 风水, with some water element and some movement. You could try this Live Wallpaper. It basically add a koi pong with numerous Koi swimming leisurely, with Lily and even comes with water reflection on the water. Highly captivating to look at.

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Planet or Cloud Live Wallpaper


Very creative use of transparency setting to switch or show the transition from one picture to another. The author of this wallpaper switch between a Cloud and a Planet. The resultant effect is stunning and very beautiful. We where pleasantly surprise by this.

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Halloween Live Wallpaper II

This Live Wallpaper was pack into a single download on Android Market and it was Rank 1st on AppBrain and 3rd on Android Market theme section at the time of writing. Yes if your creation is good we could consider packing it as a Single download and put it up on Android Market for Free. Happy Halloween !!!

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Metal Slug Live Wallpaper for Android Phone


A Free Online Game that have some following among our user. This Live Wallpaper have more than 30 Skinlet one of the most around. With so much detail and so much happening on a livewallpaper is simply amazing to look at. If you like the game this is a must livewallpaper to set on your phone.

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Halloween Live Wallpaper

A classic Halloween Live wallpaper, Not scary but cute and sharp. In particular the bats look nice, The spider which is a bit big is crawling on the trees and ghost plain silly. Just nice for Halloween.

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Monster Energy Live Wallpaper with Clock Compass and Battery

Monster Energy, a very well receive icon for even static wallpaper have made it way to become a Live Wallpaper. Basically this is almost like the static version but it include a Clock, Compass, Calender and Battery Skinlet to spice things up. Useful and Nice at the same time.

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Nature Live Wallpaper for Android

Basically the whole wallpaper is moving, from the reflection of the water to the waterfall and even the trees. For people who likes lots of movement abet small.

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Rudolph and Clarise Live Wallpaper

For the coming Christmas you could try this wallpaper, the snow effect is good

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Night Rider Live Wallpaper

Simple but stunning LiveWallpaper.

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Cynogen Mod Live wallpaper with sound effect

This is from the developers of Ownskin Live wallpaper, You could tell immediately because the sound option is enable and embedded. If you have not notice, user are unable to add in sound in the Live Wallpaper. The Cynogen picture is right in the center of this wallpaper and would not move which ever screen you move and the android will make a funny noise when you click on it. As you can tell we are very impressed with Cynogen.

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